What To Expect

It’s time for you to finally connect with your inner voice and shift into alignment. Discover what gives your life purpose through daily meditations, inspirational seminars and spiritual shamanic practices.

Our Journey

A place carefully designed to help you reconnect

Our 8-day journey will be geared towards creating positive change and aligning your mind, body and soul to find inner peace and live a more purposeful life. 

Each morning will begin with a sacred meditation and shamanic ceremony to set our intention for the day. Later, take part in powerful seminars and uplifting workshops that will leave you feeling inspired. Afterward, enjoy free time to relax, participate in a yoga class, go for a swim in the gorgeous salt water pool or explore the beauty of Nosara. We also have amazing optional high and low impact activities for you to take part in to enhance your experience including surfing, zip-lining through the jungle, eco-tours to view rainforests and waterfalls, spa treatments and a variety of fitness classes.  In the evenings, you’ll gather for a shamanic sunset ceremony to honour your day and give gratitude to Mother Earth.



As you reflect under the majestic trees surrounding your eco-luxury room nestled in the Costa Rican jungle, a sense of calm takes over as the warm breeze brushes through your hair.  The sound of the howler monkeys swinging from branch to branch in the canopy above you, becomes a familiar and comforting melody. For the first time in a long time, your mind, heart and soul are at peace.  As the day draws to an end, you take a slow deep breath, fill your lungs with fresh air and as you exhale and release...

you feel alive again. 

Watching the sun slowly set over the horizon, you are reminded of the promise of a new dawn and of the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead.  The dark evening sky gently pushes the sun down into tranquility and the sky erupts with vivid hues of pink, orange and purple; you are overcome with gratitude. 

You take a moment to acknowledge that something fundamental inside you has shifted, you are not quite the person you were when you arrived here.  

Welcome to the magic of Costa Rica...

Where your transformational journey awaits. Your transformational growth experience is centered around three main pillars to promote happiness and overall wellbeing. 

The Mind

Since the mind is complex and often difficult to control, it is important to be conscious of what you are feeding it.  Through powerful seminars and shamanic meditation, you will see how you can begin to shift your perspective and change your mindset. You’ll walk away with simple strategies to rewire your subconscious thoughts and build healthier habits to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle.      

The Body

Our body is our temple and it plays a key role in our happiness and overall wellbeing.  Eating habits and regular exercise are crucial to health and longevity. You will learn how to be kind to your body starting with mindful eating.  Savor fresh plant-based meals to help eliminate physical, mental and emotional toxicity. This detoxification will support you in your pathway to health and vitality.  You will also benefit from a cooking workshop highlighting the healing benefits of plants and a one-on-one energy healing session by Edgardo Gomez, Mayan Jaguar Shaman.  This session is designed to clear your body of blockages that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The Soul

The soul (or Spirit) is the very core of one’s being, the inner guidance system leading us to pure love, profound peace and inner bliss. You’ll be immersing yourself in an environment that promotes mindfulness, stillness and self-discovery. The soothing effect of the jungle and ocean will calm your mind, relax your body and open your heart.  During the guided meditations and periods of self-reflection, you will gain a clearer vision of who you truly are. Through newfound alignment, you will discover your soul’s true purpose. Come with an open heart and get ready to awaken your highest potential.      


Your Holistic Jungle Oasis

As you arrive at your stunning eco-luxury resort set amid 8 breathtaking acres with beautiful walking paths, majestic trees, waterfalls and gentle streams, you immediately fall in love with this peaceful oasis.  Watch the monkeys play in the trees above you and the iguanas soak up the sun rays in the gardens nearby or simply relax with your favourite book outside.

What to expect

Immerse Yourself in a Week of Health and Wellness

It’s time for you to finally connect with your inner voice and shift into alignment. Discover what gives your life purpose through daily meditations, inspirational seminars and spiritual shamanic practices.

Mindful Eating

Satisfy your taste buds with wholesome locally grown plant-based meals without stepping off the resort.


Yoga & Meditation

We'll take your meditation and yoga practice outdoors in open studios and benefit from the serenity of the jungle.



Experience a nature-based approach to healing that has been practiced in various forms around the world.


Reconnect with yourself and gain a comprehensive approach to wellness.


  • Craving time out of their daily reality to reconnect with their inner voice

  • Going through a period of change in their life

  • Looking for more balance in their mind, body and spirit

  • Seeking more purpose and passion in their life

  • Ready to invest in a week of self-love and inner growth

  • Enjoy healthy sustainable eating

  • Looking for a truly authentic vacation experience

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