Mindful Eating

Satisfy your taste buds with wholesome locally grown plant-based meals without stepping off the resort. Throughout your stay, you’ll savour a variety of scrumptious healthy meals that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Mindful Eating

All Natural, Organic, and Delicious Meals.

Start your day off with a cup of decadent local coffee and enjoy epic mouth-watering dish options prepared onsite by talented chefs.  For lunch and dinner, choose from an array of hot, and refreshing cold soups, fresh salads and veggies, organic chicken, local fish and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.  Organic wine and artisanal beer are available for purchase with your dinner.

Much like the residents in Blue Zone communities, you will appreciate fresh local ingredients and healthy daily meals to nourish and energize your body.  All ingredients will be mainly plant-based and farmed using sustainable methods to reduce the carbon impact on our planet; something you will feel proud of.  Gluten-free, food sensitivities or allergies? No problem! We are happy to accommodate special dietary requests.


Your Holistic Jungle Oasis

As you arrive at your stunning eco-luxury resort set amid 8 breathtaking acres with beautiful walking paths, majestic trees, waterfalls and gentle streams, you immediately fall in love with this peaceful oasis.  Watch the monkeys play in the trees above you and the iguanas soak up the sun rays in the gardens nearby or simply relax with your favourite book outside.

Reconnect with yourself and gain a comprehensive approach to wellness.


  • Craving time out of their daily reality to reconnect with their inner voice

  • Going through a period of change in their life

  • Looking for more balance in their mind, body and spirit

  • Seeking more purpose and passion in their life

  • Ready to invest in a week of self-love and inner growth

  • Enjoy healthy sustainable eating

  • Looking for a truly authentic vacation experience

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